Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Review

Well if you are here for the first time, then you should have a look on our blog which is all about finding the Great Espresso Machine and our conquest has bring us to the Magnificent Machine from a very reputed Company and yes you guessed it right, it’s the Breville BES870XL Barista Express which is one of the Best Seller on Amazon and if you are looking for a Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine for your Home and your budget is around $600 Bucks then this is the perfect Machine for you and if you are not sure about that, just scroll down and read our Complete Review and I think you will be Impressed with it. Below you will find the Features along with my Review and make sure you Share this with other Coffee Enthusiast.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Review : Just Brilliant !


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First of all If you are looking for something like this for your Home, then It must match with your Interior, and with this machine, you actually get Three Colour options, you have the Classic Stainless Steel, Black Sesame and Cranberry Red (Click on the Link to Check them Out), which is just perfect because it’s very important nowadays and if you don’t like colours , then you have the Classic Silver which goes with almost anything. So, the Breville Barista Express is something every Espresso Lover ever Dreams off, because it’s a Semi-Automatic, which means you can actually customize your Coffee, just the way you like it or you can just Experiment to find something Extraordinary.

Elegant Yet Powerful

The Breville BES870XL comes with 15 Bar Italian Pump, which can exert extreme amount of pressure to the grounded coffee for the perfect blast of flavors in your Freshly Brewed Espresso and that is something we all like, because it’s all about the grinding size and brewing it with Hot Water and for that it packs 1600W Thermo coil heating system which works just perfect and the built in removable water tank can hold up to 2L. On the very front you will notice a gauge which is actually the Espresso pressure gauge, I must say, that thing works pretty well and helps you notice the right amount of pressure, required to brew the Perfect Cup of Espresso.

I think this Espresso Machine Review will not complete with a Video and I think, you will find this video Interesting and useful, because, you will better understand with Video references.

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Integrated Conical Burr Grinder

Well, we all know, that grounded beans losses their start to loose their Flavour, the moment you ground then and it affects the Taste of your Coffee. So, Say no to Old Ground Beans and with this Espresso Machine in your home, you can Make every Single Cup with Freshly Ground Coffee Beans, thanks to the Conical Burr Grinder Situated on the top of Breville BES870XL. On top of that, it also features Grind size and grinds amount Control Dial which you will find on the left side and as we know it’s all about the rich and thick texture of grounded beans which gives the flavour of your Espresso.

Filter size button: You can actually use two types of filters with this machines, and it will indicate you which one you are using, single wall or double wall filter basket and the grinder will adjust the amount of ground coffee for the best experience and that’s a cool feature.

Hands-free grinding cradle: Ya, that’s right, you can actually fix the cradle while the Grinding process, which is very useful and after that, just take out the level it with the 54mm tamper, which is also provided with the Accessories. You can also check out the picture to better understanding.


Breville Barista Express Accessories

Preset Options: It also features Volumetric control preset, which is helpful, because you can actually choose between 1 or 2 cups, with the press of a button. There is also Customization options, for manual over-ride comes in handy for those with large families or those who liked Espresso Shots. Let me tell you guys, this product will life your kitchen standards and you will become the Master Barista in no time.

Auto Purge Function

As you can see in the picture, it feature a Nozzle on the right side and that thing dispenses Stream which is necessary to make Milk Froth and that is the sole of your Espresso, because that’s what gives it the creamy texture on the top and with Auto Purge it detects the temperature of the steam which is used to make froth and then, adjust the water temperature to give you the best possible texture and Extraction.

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This Espresso Machine comes with so many useful features like Removable drip tray with Clean me light and 360-degree swivel action steam wand that once you start using this, nothing gets closer and I think if you are really looking for the Best Espresso Machine then this is the best you can get for like 600 bucks.

Overall a very Good Espresso Machine with Premium Build Quality and Features like no other. Hence, we can say that this is the Best Espresso Machine Under $1000 and If you are looking for something Great for your Home, then you should go with this and I think you will fall in love with this Magnificent Espresso Maker.

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