Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Machine Review

Looking for the Perfect Espresso Machine for your house under $200? Your hunt ends with Mr. Coffee Café Barista which is a Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System. Affordability is one of the main criteria when it comes for home coffee machines because you are not selling coffee after all. Buying expensive machines hardly cut down any cost when compared to buying ready-made coffee outside, so it does not really make sense. Expensive machines are not really a onetime investment as well, since they need expensive parts and high maintenance.

Mr. Coffee Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System is the perfect size for your kitchen. You do not need an ultra large machine for your home of course! That gives it a very commercial feel in a house.

This machine is big enough for your house with some real advanced features for its price and size. It is very portable and lightweight (weighs only 9 pounds) when compared to its competitors. Its lightness allows for you to easily shift it around for cleanliness purposes.

Mr. Coffee Café Barista ECMP1000 Espresso Machine Review

This is a semi-automatic appliance provided with a 3-in one option for the kind of coffee you want i.e., a Rich cappuccino, a milky latte or a Strong Espresso. The machine automatically switches off after sitting idle for some time, which is a power saving feature. The coffee maker allows a single or double serving at once, which cuts down on the wait time considerably.


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The Positive: It’s control panel is one touch to shuffle between single and double shot options for all the three espresso, latte or cappuccino. You can get creamy coffee with the automatic milk frother. It is as easy as it can get. Perfect froth on milk for a rich cup of cappuccino or latte in your very own house is a dream no more with this appliance.

The machine comes with a removable milk reservoir where filling becomes easy and quick. The water reservoir can easily be placed in any sink for a refill. The size is considerable to store enough water (about 55 ounces) for brewing multiple shots at one go, without having to refill often.

Cleaning also is an easy task with the removable feature, even in a dishwasher (even though hand cleaning is recommended for long-lasting service).

The ideally designed size of the milk reservoir can also fit in an average sized refrigerator. Isn’t that a convenient storage option now? This will not have you worrying about changing containers to store the extra milk.
The cup tray provided is adjustable and slides easily. This is a great feature to help fit cups and mugs of different sizes, under the spout.

The tray can be set at the required height to place the smallest of cups as well as the biggest of coffee mugs. You do not have to compromise and not drink in your favorite cup anymore, just because the machine does not allow you to!

Convenience is what this machine is all about. 15 bars of pressure in the pump of this machine makes delicious and professional grade coffee just like your favorite coffee shop in town.

Easy to Use: Operating this machine is child’s play. It is extremely user-friendly and has indicator lights to facilitate better understanding and usage. Just fill the portafilter with your regular brand of espresso or coffee grounds, load up the milk reservoir and hit on any one of the three preset beverage options. That’s it! Leave the rest of the work to Mr. Coffee Café Barista, to make the best coffee you ever tasted in a matter of seconds.

The working and handling are easy peasy and the output is of high quality. Now, isn’t this just the best combination for any appliance?! The modes of espresso and milk froth are handled manually to make a drink just like you want it. Milk can be steamed and frothed together, which is a time-saving feature.

Low Maintenance: Cleaning of this machine gets further easier due to the drip catcher provided. It is a washable and removable tray that collects coffee drips to keep the brew space completely clean and hygienic. This appliance comes with a single as well as double shot filter, tamper and a measuring scoop.

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Guess what? You also get coffee recipes with this machine.The recipe book that is provided in the package has around 10 recipes of some real delightful beverages. You can treat yourself with different styles of brews now, right at home! The user manual that comes with it is very detailed and gives you the instructions with sufficient clarity.

Cleaning cycle for the machine should be done in accordance with the user manual procedure. Only by pressing a couple of buttons, the machine will automatically clean itself internally.

Portafilter is cleaning friendly too. The built is sturdy and seems durable. Its body is sleek and gives it a classy look.
Every machine has their share if flaws and this one is no exception. The appliance is very loud and can create quite a mess while tamping your espresso.

The Negative: The first time you prime the machine, it can be a little difficult but later it gets better as you learn to do it. The water reservoir even though detachable can be a bit difficult to clean owing to its size.

Final Verdict: If you maintain it with care and clean it regularly, the machine will run enthusiastically for years together. Even if its parts falter, you do not need to replace the machine completely since most of it parts are easily replaceable and readily available.
The price is very cheap for a coffee machine with these many features.

This affordable machine is just a “free delivery away”. Go ahead and welcome it on your kitchen and say hello to freshly brewed rich and aromatic coffee. You can save some dollars as this machine will keep your trips to those expensive coffee shops to the bare minimum.

I can see the coffee lovers already putting it in their shopping cart! Happy shopping for Mr. Coffee Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System! Use it to know its firsthand utility.

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