Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine Review

The Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine has all the features to make it the best espresso machine ever. I would rate it a perfect five when compared to my past experiences with other espresso machines. This sturdy machine is made of a durable iron frame and has a shiny spotless stainless steel body. The machine is designed to fit most kinds of home décor and does not stand out or look awkward in any kind of setup.

For all the espresso lovers who are fussy about their cup of coffee (like me), this machine will help you brew the perfect espresso which suits your taste. The coffee of this machine will taste better and stronger but never bitter. The color obtained is rich and perfect, which enhances the appearance of the coffee. This machine has great frothing features to give you that rich micro-foam over your coffee. The espresso obtained Is nothing less than the one you get at your favorite coffee shop.

Impressive Quality: The machine weighs a good load and free home delivery option is a savior. Also, the handbook is not very helpful to set up or learn the functionality of this machine, so it is always better to look for an operational video online. The machine is expensive which only attracts people who are really picky about their coffee grinding or brewing styles. However, if you are one of those who wants very good coffee, then this machine is the answer to your prayers. Great quality coffee is guaranteed for years once you get this machine home. It has a really good grinder and an efficient water filter with large tanker space. The machine also has amazing brass portafilter and good temperature stability.

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine review


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Even though it is an expensive investment for a coffee machine, its durability will make it a permanent appliance in your kitchen. It is a wise one time investment since it will not cause you any trouble by breaking down frequently like it’s cheaper counterparts. Of course you can find espresso machine for literally half the Silvia’s price but the quality cannot be matched.

Best in Class: The Silvia espresso machine is a class part in the complete range of espresso makers, no doubt about that. After trying many machines like I did, you will be only too glad to settle with Silvia. If you have used plenty of other coffee machines before, you can easily spot the difference in terms of quality when handling and using the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine.

Great After Sales Service: In case of any problem, the repair comes cheap and easy with its parts readily available to be replaced with, if the situation demands. Semi-commercial or commercial grade parts are installed in this machine. Any commercial espresso machine mechanic will easily fix your Silvia. So, maintenance and repair is not a hassle with this machine.

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Good and Bad of Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine (HSD-SILVIA)

Another commitment that this machines needs is a real good grinder to partner with it. So there comes another investment that is mandatory if you buy this espresso machine. A burr grinder is the best option for it. The pump of Silvia along with a good grinder will give you fine powdered coffee. A cheap grade grinder will not be able to grind the coffee beans fine enough, which in turn will give you low-grade espresso and make the initial investment on Silvia pointless.

The Good: The machine technological design and construction is state of the art. It is equipped with three-way solenoid, which helps in letting out the pressure via the basket as soon as you turn off the pump. When the pump is turned off, the grounded coffee comes out from the handle of the portafilter without making a big mess out of it. This machine can be handled at ease only after you have learned all its functions initially. Also, with this machine, you might take a little time to get used to the right technique to make the best espresso. But once you have mastered the art, your home will be that place, which can claim to have the best brewed espresso in town!

Commercial Grade Build Quality: The robustness of this machine is vouched for by most customers since years pass but replacement is not demanded. Hence, this investment actually proves to be a saving on a long-term basis. Other less expensive machines that I had bought before had to be discarded yearly, if not earlier but this Silvia one is a marathon player, and a winner at that.

So much so, that if this machine ever goes down, I will replace it with another Silvia, just like this one. The high quality and taste of the brewed espresso produced by “Ms. Silvia” can be addictive enough for you to become a brand loyalist immediately after its first use.

The greatest advantage of this machine is that it is completely serviceable and after its parts are replaced, it works just like new again. This advantage lets it run year after year without you having to discard it.

The Bad: Tiny glitches are a part of every machine and Silvia has a few too. But the advantages shadow the disadvantages in this case. Once the steam handle is used to steam your coffee, the temperature of the machine may shoot up a little to give a less-superior immediate batch of espresso. If the machine is properly cleaned and maintained well, it is loyal to its user and seldom gives us a chance to complain.

Final Verdict: So, if you are looking for a professional grade coffee brew right at your house and made at your own convenience, Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine should be the right choice for you. It will not disappoint you and that is assured. Reliability is never an issue with the Silvia machine. A good grinder along with this purchase will take you many steps closer to your perfect brew, like it did for me. I am a very content user of this machine, and would highly recommend it to the rest of the buyers. The price might feel a little steep but it should be seen as a long-term investment towards hassle free maintenance and good coffee.

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