SAECO HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Review

Saeco Xelsis Evo Completely deserves the 4 star that amazon has it for its share. This professional grade Espresso machine is completely automatic and is a life saver in the morning rush hours. For coffee addicts like me, a coffee to start the day is a must and this machine ensures a good cuppa coffee with minimum fuss.

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It might look like a big investment while looking at its price and people would think many times before adding this to their shopping cart (Well, I did too) but the experience after the purchase, gives you good return on your investment. No more standing in those long Starbucks queue and worrying about your name being misspelled!

Ultimate Machine: You have this Philips Xelsis EVO, the Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine right at your house to serve you a hot cup of espresso each time you need or crave it. The machine has double boiler to give quick performance. The dual heating systems of this machine being independent makes it easier to make all kinds of coffee without affecting the overall performance of the espresso machine.

Build Quality: The stainless steel body finish of this machine gives it a sleek and posh look. The stainless steel body also makes it sturdier to ensure a lifelong performance.This machine allows you to personalize its function to save time. It has this unique multi-user function that can store up to 6 personal customized user profiles, which are once created. 9 personalized beverages can be stored for each profile via the display settings. Check Espresso Machine Review.

This is perfect for a family which has many members who can all now get their kinda coffee in seconds. So even if you are not the only person who uses this machine, you still get to store your method in it.

SAECO HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Review


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Before you had to each time manually make your coffee and the taste varied from one to another. Now it is all set for you since the ‘smart’ espresso machine remembers how you like to make your coffee.

This machine is called professional for a reason. It has some fabulous features. The adaptive automated grinding system ensures an adaptable grinding depending on the kind of coffee beans you feed the machine.

So Saeco’s intelligent grinding system will perfectly optimize the grinding cycles by modifying the technique for different types of beans.

This ensures a perfect brew for a lip smacking coffee. The adjustable grinders also helps create different levels of granularity for the kind of coffee you choose from the settings. The grind granularity adjustment allows for 8 different settings, from the finest to the coarsest grind.

This feature gives you the liberty to adjust the richness of your brew from the strongest to the lightest. For people like me who need a compulsive froth on their coffee, this machine is heavenly.

You are assured a dense froth each time due to its dual chamber milk carafe. The fully automated milk carafe just needs some milk and a plug in to the machine and that’s all.

After you select your coffee drink, the dual chamber technology promises you a professional coffee brew with a nice and thick long-standing milk froth. The temperature attained is ideal and allows splash-free milk flow without making a mess out of it. The dial placed at the spout of the machine lets you control the counter pressure to alter your espresso crema.

Saeco Xelsis Evo Features

Amazing Performance: Unlike the other noisy coffee machines which take your sleep away as soon as your other house mate turn it on, this one has the luxury of a silent operation. The machine is fitted with 100% ceramic grinders. This has a lot of advantages like a consistent grind, no overheating, zero burnt taste in the final coffee and a good overall performance.

Easy to Clean: The auto-clean and descaling feature of this Saeco machine automatically water washes the internal coffee circuit when you start it or turn it off. The machine stays clean all the time and this makes fresh successive batches of coffee yummier. Also, the brewing group present in this machine can be easily detached and attached back for manual cleaning under running water, from time to time.

Brewing group is an important part of all automated coffee machines and am sure all its previous users know about the importance of keeping it clean. It is a well-known fact for all espresso machine users that regular descaling of them keeps them working better over time.

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It’s Smart: This automated machine will signal you once a descaling is needed for it. The prompted signal is followed by the automated start of the descaling process with further guidance for the users as to when to do what. The comprehensive display-screen messages appears with easy directions and make sure you check Best Espresso Machines. 

Descaling is as easy as it can get with this machine. The arrangement for the collection of used grounds and waste water is under the brew unit and is one of the drawbacks of this machine. You have to frequently keep dumping out the waste water tray because the space provided is incredibly small for the machine size.

The ground collector is of decent size though, no complaints about that. Another drawback is its weight. The machine is very heavy and it is a task to relocate it from one place to another. A sensitive display message also keeps appearing to empty the ground tray even if it is not completely full. So you have to get used to this and bear with it.

Final Verdict: Overall, a great machine to use. The many features it has, can seem a little complicated at first but with time you can master them all. The quality of coffee it produces is no less than any professional coffee shop. Personalized options are the highlight of this machine which deserves a five-star. The auto cleaning feature also deserves a shout out since it really decreases a lot of manual labor that you had to put in the other machine. Maintain it good and this machine will not disappoint you! Check Latest Price on Amazon

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